There are over 12,000,000 yearly new cancer cases for cats and dogs in the US.

About 70% of US households own a pet.

Surgical solutions are risky due bleeding complications, infections, wound dehiscence, and dirty margins.

The non-surgical solution of SynergyMed will serve an unmet need for veterinary companion animals and horses with superficial solid tumors.

SynergyMed product can treat tumors noninvasively, precisely, effectively, in a short time without causing damage to the surrounding health tissue. Our device can be used by veterinary doctors in large specialized hospitals as well as smaller veterinary clinics.

The company started clinical studies on dogs with very promising results so far. If you are an animal research veterinary hospital in the North East region, and would like to join our studies, feel free to reach out to us.

waseem jaraisi with dog
A 6 year old dog with breast cancer tumor was treated by SynergyMed technology. The dog is healthy and happy.