The non-surgical solution for the treatment of cancer tumors

Join the fight against breast cancer and take control of your health with SynergyMed's non-surgical and effective treatment option.

Say Goodbye to Painful Surgery – Device kills and destroys breast tumors without damaging the surrounding healthy tissue with our innovative non-invasive thermal ablation technology

Revolutionizing cancer treatment of solid superficial tumors with SynergyMed's innovative technology: precise, non-invasive, and faster recovery without sacrificing the quality of life.

Our innovative device is transforming the way we treat cancer in animals, giving veterinarians new tools to provide safer and more effective care for our beloved pets

Our Products

Revolutionizing solid cancer tumor treatment. From treating humans to saving animals, our innovative medical devices are transforming the world of healthcare.

Company Awards

Russia (Moscow)

Won the Gold Medal of the Archimedes conference of science and technology amongst 27 countries.

Merage Institute +45 Competition

Won the second prize out of 400 medical device startups. (Orange County, California)

Women Health Innovation & Invention

SynergyMed was chosen to present at the Women Health Innovation & Invention Conference.

World Economic Forum

Our company was honored to be chosen as one of the top 100 startups, highlighting our potential to make a significant impact on the healthcare industry

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